domain name change

Don’t change your domain name because you’ll regret ever.

I have seen a lot of webmasters changing their domain name for a purpose and regretting ever. You may have a number of reasons for changing your domain name, but before moving on to your new domain, think for second whether it is safe for the business.

It depends on the type of business you run. You’re a running a brand website that doesn’t have much traffic and it is just a portfolio of your business brand, then you can change the domain name. Even though it has some setbacks, it won’t affect your site to the extent.

If you business is engaged in the conversion of traffic into leads, you can change the domain name, however, it has its own setbacks. Just walk through the article to know the reason.

As I already said, there will be a bunch of reasons for changing domain name. The topmost reason for changing the domain name is the “name” of the domain. Every webmaster loves to have a catchy domain name.

How Changing Domain Name Affects Your Website?

First off, you might notice a drastic traffic decline after migrating to a new domain. If you don’t set up a proper redirect and other settings, your old domain’s traffic won’t be transferred to your new domain.

After proper settings, your website will see around 40% traffic decline in the first place. To regain the entire traffic it will take up to 6 months. Traffic is the key source for revenue generation.

Your new domain ranking for Alexa and Google will be low. It will take a while for your new domain to get good ranking.

The most important in point of SEO is the domain authority. When you are low in domain authority, your competitors will eat off your traffic, ranking and branding.

And, if you are ready to compromise these things, you can go ahead and change your domain name, which will take one year, at least for re-branding.

Never mind, if you’re a brick and motor store. But online stores and websites rely on domain ranking and authority for generating leads. It is not wrong reconsidering about it if you wish to change your domain name.


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