world smallest magnetic car

Magnets are the amazing source of objects in Earth’s creation. Magnets have their application in all fields that helped the mankind to built massive machinery to simple small devices. Many of us were believed to be inventors because of magnet that we played in our childhood.

Using magnets, we can make a lot of things, in fact, incredibly tiny devices, even the simplest small car. To do this, you’ll need a couple of magnets, an AA battery, and some aluminum foil.

Place a round doughnut magnet on the positive end of the battery so that the surface becomes flat. Then, take two circular small magnets of the same size and attach on both ends of the magnet. Make sure to point them in the same direction. Finally, lay the aluminum foil on a table, place the little magnetic car on top and let it do the rest.

The small magnetic car will drive in one direction that’s due to the electric current passing through the magnetic field, thus a creating a force for the car to move.

Watch the video below and try the fun experiment in your home:


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