An Essential Guide To Build A Targeted Twitter Fleet Of 100,000

    Twitter remains to be one of the best marketing strategies for several bloggers and businesses. Just imagine a social network with 313 million active users, and that too, it is available for free.

    Many think that social media marketing is effective on Facebook. Of course, it is. To gain traction rapidly to your blog, you should engage with as many social networks as possible, especially relevant to your blog’s target audience. It is particularly important to establish your brand on social networks and build a large fan following.

    Now you have your presence on the major social networks. What’s next? When you’re on Twitter, one or two tweets to 300 followers are not going to make any big difference.  You need to scale it up.

    You need to increase your followers and fans on social networks. When you have a huge fan following, you can easily reach your targeted audience that in turn converts into insane traffic to your blog.

    How to build huge Twitter followers? is a wonderful tool that allows bloggers to make use of Twitter in a more efficient way. Distributing your content on Twitter or other social platforms is effective only when you have a large group of followers.

    Tweepi is absolutely free to use and there are premium plans as well. You can get more Twitter followers easily by using this tool.

    Create a Tweepi Account

    To create a free account on Tweepi, all you will need is an active Twitter account. Sync your Twitter account with Tweepi, enter some basic information and you’re done.

    Follow some Big Names on Twitter

    By this time, you’d have known some of the big names in your niche. Those people will have a substantial amount of followers.

    Go to your dashboard, click “By copy/Paste” under the “Follow Tools.” Enter the big names in your niche and start following them.

    Follow Your Followers

    Go to your dashboard after you log in and click on “You’re nit following back” button and follow the followers you are relevant to your niche and active.

    You can get insights of your fellow followers or the ones you follow. You can easily create a list of people in your industry and start growing your followers. Previously Tweepi allowed users to follow 40 people at a time, but due to recent update with Twitter’s policy, they have disabled this feature.

    It’s a good gesture on social media networks, especially on Twitter, if you follow someone, as a sense of obligation, they may follow you back (yes, not everyone will follow back). However, of you have great and sensible content then a good percentage of conversion is possible.

    Following this tactic regularly will allow you to grow your Twitter fleet to over 100,000 in a short time.


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