Boomerang app

While there are numerous translation apps out there, Google Translate is widely used by people for translation between languages. Translation apps serves handy when you chat with people who don’t speak your language or when you are in foreign countries. But, translations aren’t perfect all time, and can lead to embracement when it sounds crazy.

That’s where Boomerang app comes in. Developed by indie iOS app developer Ishmael Shabazz, Boomerang leverages Google Translate for translating phrases in more than 100 languages and then it translates the phrase back again to the original language for you so that you can verify the translation is what you intended.

Currently available for iOS users, the app is free to download from App Store, but it contains ads. For ad-free version, you’ll need to pay $1.99 annually. But, what has to be considered is the time it takes to translate and re-translate a phrase, to alter the phase if it throws awkward translation. Google has been constantly improving its translation software, powered by Google Neural Machine Translation system.


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