This flexible transparent bookmark turns into light when fused

If you are a bibliophile, you probably know how hard it is to read at night without a good book light. Yes, of course, there’s a lot of book lights out there on the market, but the question is, how many out there won’t hurt your eyes. This ultra-compact reading light will not only save your pages, but it will also save your eyes as well.

Bookmark reading lightCalled the Bookmark, this reading light from the house of Kyouei Designs has a printed circuit inside along with LEDs that light up when you pinch the ends together with a battery. The bookmark is made from a transparent film, printed using a conductive ink making a simple circuit paired with a set of ultra-thin LEDs. When you connect the negative and positive ends with a standard CR2032 watch-sized battery, the LED will glow. The company recommends using lithium coin battery with the transparent film.

You can avail this paper-thin flashlight from Designboom’s online shop for just $16. Instead of using a paper bookmarks to mark your pages, you can use this reading light, which benefits you in either way.


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