How To Block Competitor Ads On Your Site Using Google Adsense

    Google Adsense is one of the best monetization programs for your websites since its launch. There are over a billion websites using Adsense as their primary source of income. The foremost reason why every one of us, including me, using Adsense is that you can take full advantage over the customization of it.

    Google Adsense

    There is a lot of customization available for Google Adsense from creating your own customized ad blocks to restrict ads showing on your website.

    Despite having Google Adsense, if your website is not generating a decent income. Then, you can apply some tweaks to your Adsense account which will make some big difference in less than a week.

    In this article, let’s see how to block your competitor ads from showing on your website

    For instance, if you run a pet guide website ( and your competitor also runs a pet guide website ( Since both of you will have content relevant to pets, both sites are automatically matched to each other. So your site will start showing ads from

    In order to avoid your competitor ads from showing on your website, you can add to the blocked list that will get rid of the ads once forever.

    How to block?

    You can block ads at the site level, including domain and sub-domain or at the product level, anything that you feel convenient. Currently, you are allowed to block around 500 advertiser URLs for an account.

    1. Sign into your AdSense account.
    2. Visit the Allow & block ads tab.
    3. In the sidebar, click Content.
    4. Under Content, select the domain or subdomain that you want to set the block on.
    5. In the horizontal bar across the top of the page, click the Advertiser URLs tab.
    6. Enter URLs in the box provided, then click Block URLs. Ads from blocked URLs should stop showing on your pages within 24 hours.

    Apart from blocking a specific website, you can even block ads from general Category, sensitive ad category, and ad network.



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