Google Maps amazing features

Are you worried that you can’t afford a brand new iPhone and still using an Android smartphone? Things go way better with Google Maps as Google introduces a lot of cool stuff for the Android users that iPhone users can’t experience.

With the recent update on Google Maps for Android, they have deployed some amazing features, which make you feel a pride of owning an Android smartphone.

Here are the amazingly cool things that Android owners can do using Google Maps.

Google Maps for Android

Relax with the offline navigation!

Android users can now travel wherever they wish without an internet connection. Really impressive isn’t. Though its competitors offer offline navigation for years, everyone including me would like to use Google Maps because of its sleek interface.

It’s a great deal for those who travel across countries frequently and don’t want to get billed with expensive data roaming charges. Now, you can download a city or even a country just with a single tap.

All you have to search for a place and tap on the download button at the bottom of the screen, which the Google call it as Place Sheet. Alternatively, you can go to Offline Areas in the Google Maps menu and hit the ‘+’ button. The app will switch to offline when you are in the downloaded place without network service.

Once you are done, you can get turn by turn driving directions and search addresses without using the internet connection.

Google Maps

Find cheapest gas station along your route

Forgot to fill your tank and afraid of getting struck in the middle of nowhere. Never mind, Google maps will help you to find a gas station along your route, even the lease expensive gas station and you can select the one that saves you.

To check the prices, tap on the magnifying icon on the top of the screen and select gas stations from the drop-down menu.

Find and reserve a dining table, coffee shops, and more

When you are on driving, Google Maps helps you to find restaurants and many others along your route with the ratings of the businesses. You can check the detailed busing listing (operation hours, ratings, and contact information) by tapping the Place Sheet at the bottom of the screen.

Google Maps Also, it calculates the destination time based upon your visit to one of the businesses.

Google MapsShows elevation of the routes

When you choose bike direction, the map even shows the elevation of your route. It’s good news for the bikers. You can see the elevation estimate right below the estimation time of your phone screen.

Google MapsBusy driving; use voice assistant

Android users can use voice command to take control over the Google Maps and give your fingers a break.

Google Maps


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