Best Android Apps to Cherish Your Travel

    Travelling is an energizing amusement in life, whether if you are an avid traveler or a customary traveler, there are a lot of free Android apps out there in Google Play Store that helps you to make an interpretation of your traveling time into profitable.

    Whatever might be the mode of travel, flight or train, there are a bunch of Android apps that will match everybody’s needs – gaming, productivity, learning, travelling, music, finance, and great deal more.  I’ve rounded up some of the best apps that will make your travel charming.

    Best Android Apps to Cherish Your Travel

    Find Cheap Flights

    Skyscanner is one of the best Android apps for frequent flier that helps you to pick the cheapest flights for your destination. Aside from flights, you can likewise check for hotels and book them too.

    Simply enter the place where you need to go to and the app will aggregate all the flights to that location sorting cheapest flights to start with. You can also book the flight without leaving the app.

    If you need to spare a few bucks from pocket, install this app in your smartphone.


    When you go somewhere and want to try different local cuisines, which is out of the norm then Yelp is a better app to discover great nearby restaurants. Obliviously, no one gets a kick out of the chance to have terrible experience.

    When you venture out of your place, food will be the biggest challenge that you’ll need to confront in there. There are a lot of feasible apps for food lovers, however this is the widely used app.

    Yelp tells you about the best restaurants in the location, what people think of it and their experiences with the restaurants in the form of ratings.


    XE Currency, the trusted on the go website version of allows you to translate the currency to local currency where you go. The best part of the app is that the currency values are updated every minute, so you’ll get precise worth whenever.

    Apart from currency conversions, there are a lot of business-oriented features accompanied with the app. When you are at India, and you want to know how much Rupee is worth a dollar, just launch the app which will let you know right away.

    Splittr is specially designed for travelling allowing you to calculate the expenditure between your friends. Just feed the expenses as you go such as who paid for it and for what, the app will do the rest.

    The app has support for all currencies, so when you are in an adventure trip with several nationalists, all can enter their expenses in their currency, and the app will do the conversion for you.


    While you’re on flight or having a long layover time, and want to venture into a casino world, Casino app is one of the best online games with slots, blackjack and roulette.

    Rather than going to casino, you can simply twofold your money in your travel time. There are also some celebrities who just love to gamble not only in casinos but also from their mobile, by playing games such as online blackjack and online roulette.

    Google Maps and Google Translate

    Of course, without Google Android apps your travel isn’t a complete package. Maps help you to explore the neighborhood places and Translate helps you to find the meaning of the local word instantly.

    Place your phone’s camera on the text, and Google will translate it for you instantly.

    These are some of the best and widely used Android apps for travelling and when you venture out somewhere next time, don’t mind to use these apps. Of course, these are my favorite too. So what’s your favorite one?


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