backlinks SEO trend 2016

Since the evolution of blogging, backlinking or backlinks is the most discussed topic on the internet space. Using that space, several SEO companies started making money by building backlinks and even you can find SEO freelancers on online platforms like Fiverr, Freelancer and so on.

Most of the companies targeted Google search results and Google ranking. They started to sell,”10000 backlinks for $20” like that. Is it that effective?

Never buy Gigs from Fiverr. Check out this article to know how they scam bloggers and webmasters?

What is Backlink?

It’s a link from other websites pointing to your website through your web resources.

Backlinks for SEO 2016

There are several ways to create a backlink. These linking strategies are now completely different from a few years back.

Backlinks are still considered to be important for Google algorithm, but they have a less trend than they did before. Getting a backlink from a website that has a ton of links won’t work anymore. Your backlink should be natural links from high valued websites.

Here’s an easy method to build backlinks from high-quality sites. Check out it.

Okay, you’ve built some quantity of backlinks. Will it increase your website’ Google ranking or traffic? It is ‘Yes’ but not ‘that much’ you’d expect.

Google’s Penguin and Panda algorithms for 2016 work in a vastly different way that they did before. Not only Google, but also other search engines have started to scan your website in a different way.

Backlinks SEO Impact

In later 2016, Google and other search engines take a much closer look at things like the length and quality of your site’s content, your site being shared on social media, the time it takes for your site to load, and whether or not your site is mobile responsive. There are a lot more things to consider in SEO these days than just links.

To put this in a simpler way, Google, in fact, won’t care much about the keywords you submit when publishing an article. That’s a complete interesting thing; just take a look if you desire to increase your site’s traffic.

Don’t believe any false statement from SEO companies that will built a backlink pyramid of 20000 and so on. Those are automated links and by doing so, your site may be put at risk. Google will mark your website as spammy and everything will be collapsed.

So keep in mind of a general thumb rule. Original and unique content is the king for SEO.

  • Create a simple and catchy headline for your content.
  • Analyze about the topic before you start to write.
  • Your article URL should not be long. Recommend – 6 to 8 words
  • Use searchable keywords in headlines
  • Use emotional, common and powerful words or phrases in headlines


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