Apple’s Next iPhone to Come with Premium Wireless Headphones

    Earlier leaks whirled that Apple will be ditching the 3.5mm earphone jack in its next releases, possibly the iPhone 7. Now, a reliable source claims that Apple is developing a completely Bluetooth headphones that will get rid of the standard headphone jack and will instead equip the lighting connector.

    9to5Mac claims that the new headphones are said to be truly wireless, in fact, they do not even require a cable connecting the right and left ear pieces.

    As the new earphones is wireless, Apple will go for a new shapes in order to fit inside the user’s ear, and will include controls for managing calls and enabling Siri.

    It is even said that the new accessory will equip a noise-cancelling microphone system to answer calls and connect with Siri ditching Apple’s in-line microphone and remote.

    The new headphones will not include any ports for charging, instead, a carrying case will be included with the new headphones that double as a rechargeable battery to juice up the headphones when they are not in use. It seems Apple is incorporating Beats resources into its premium headphones, which was acquired by Apple in 2014. Also, a comparable model from Bragi will retail for $300.

    If everything goes well, the new iphone 7 will debut this fall along with the new premium headphones. Since 2014, the Apple-owned Beats division has released Apple Music as well as minor updates to existing headphone lines, so this new wireless pair will mark the first major hardware launch of the merged companies.


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