Apple will let you uninstall Apple apps on your iPhone

The users of iOS devices have a long trail of issue that they have to keep Apple’s native apps even though they never use them. Apple is now letting iPhone and iPad users take control over the apps that ship with the mobile platform. Users will be able to delete some of the built-in apps such as Maps, Calculator, Music, Videos and so on, by offering an option to download them again if they want. These built-in apps are now up for download in the App Store for the first time.

Neither Tim Cook nor Craig Federighi mentioned anything about deleting these apps from iOS 10 on stage during the WWDC keynote. But, these apps have got their place in App Store with description and Screenshots, indeed.

Compass app

Developers who downloaded preview beta today are already confirming the change. But, you’ll not be able to delete certain apps like Messages, Photos, and Camera. Tim Cook has already said that Apple was hoping to cut down on the amount of apps that ship on iOS, or offering some flexibility to users to hide them, at least.

The move is appreciated, while its competitors have already allowed its users to delete native apps with Google Play Services and Windows 10. However, we’ve to wait until the full release in September, as Apple may have big surprises, maybe or may not keeping the feature beyond beta phase.


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