apple iphone 7 plus camera

The new iPhone 7 Plus features two 12-megapixel cameras – one is 28mm wide-angle lens and the other is the 56mm Telephoto lens. Why Apple has two different cameras built-in a single unit. There’s a reason for it. Let’s see how it works.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Camera

The new 12-megapixel camera in iPhone 7 is powered by Apple designed image signal processor (ISP). The ISP accompanied with A10 fusion chip pledges to deliver unique image quality that’s twice the through put of iPhone 6 and 6s Plus. Apple says that ISP performs over 100 billion operations to enhance the quality of the photos every time you click a picture, that too, in 25 milliseconds.

The iPhone 7 Plus camera is merely similar to DSLR working process. When you have wider lens, you can zoom in further to reach the very detail of the images. Now you have DSLR working camera in your pocket. The two cameras with two different lenses in iPhone 7 Plus helps to create zooming feature in ease. The blend of hardware and software in 7 Plus helps to achieve the true zoom feature in a smartphone.

When you just click a picture using the iPhone 7 Plus camera, it will take photo with 1X optical zoom as normal with the wide angle lens. You can see 1X icon at the bottom of the photo app. Just tapping on the icon translates it to 2X optical zoom that’s where the Telephoto lens comes in. The camera doesn’t have to rely on software for 2x zoom, however, when you zoom further, the camera app uses software to push it. You can push it all the way up to 10X and Apple calls it a “software zoom”.

The 12-megapixel optical lens camera delivers incredible photos even in low light and you can push it further to 2X in 7 Plus without compromising quality.

Shallow Depth of Field Photos

There’s a new feature that Apple has incorporated in iPhone 7 Plus called the astounding feature. This feature is available in high end cameras. You might have come across photos that focus only the object leaving the background blur, called shallow depth of field. The higher the bokeh is the higher price of camera.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus has the ability to takes shallow depth of field photos. The two cameras in the 7 Plus accompanied with hardware and software can now create beautiful shallow depth of field photos that can be taken only in high end cameras.

To take shallow depth of field photos, open the tap, choose a new style called the Portrait and rest of the things is incredible. You can see the level of bokeh in real time on iPhone screen which is something impressive.

On the front, the new iPhone 7 sports a 7-megapixel FaceTime HD camera. It is up from 5-megapixels in iPhone 6s Plus. The front sensor includes new pixel technology called the Deep Trench Isolation for sharper images with tight packed pixels. It also captures wide color images and has auto image stabilization feature as well.

This feature is not available immediately which Apple says the iPhone 7 Plus users will get the feature through a software update later this year.


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