Google Play store has millions of apps segregated into various categories such as games, travel, local, communications, business tools, and so on.

Google allows developers to upload their apps providing with acceptance of Google’s terms and conditions.

Sometimes, Google might remove apps from its library for many reasons, including the violation of the company’s policy, the most common case.

If your favorite app was removed from the Google Play store, don’t worry, the hope isn’t lost, you can still install an app that is not available on the Google Play store on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Here’s how to it:

Step 1: You have to manage some settings before heading to download an app. On your smartphone or tablet, tap settings, scroll down to Security and check “Unknown services”. This will enable you to download apps outside of Google Play store.

Amazon UndergroundStep 2: Go to your browser and track down the apps that you want to download. It is advisable to download apps from the trusted developers and companies or else it may end in getting a virus on your Android phone.

Off shelves Android appsStep 3: Once you are done with downloading an APK file, which is the format of an Android app file and it will be stored in your phone with a .apk file extension. Then go to app drawer and tap downloads where you can find the downloaded files. Open the file and install the app.

The other way to install an outside app on your Android device is that you can download an APK file on your PC, then connect your Android device to the PC and enable USB mass-storage mode. Move the file to your device. Using file manager, locate the file and install it


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