amazing facts you’d probably never know about Microsoft

Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft is the wealthiest man in the world and the company behind his success, Microsoft, has several hidden facts under its belt. Microsoft has a long history right from its origins in the 1970s, changing the world in the 90s to its current revolution under CEO Satya Nadella.

You might have known Microsoft is the largest and valuable company in the world with more than 118,500 employees, but how much do you really know about Microsoft?microsoft founders

We’ve rounded up some unknown facts about the company and here are they.

The company was originally coined as Micro-soft, which was the combination of “Microcomputer” and “Software”. However, it was changed and officially registered as Microsoft in 1976. With a hyphen, the brand looks weird. Right!

The co-founders of Microsoft – Bill Gates and Paul Allen – designed the company’s first logo in a single day. The funky “O” was called the “blibbet.”

microsoft first logoThe brain behind Microsoft, Bill Gates became the youngest-ever billionaire at the age of 31 in 1987. The interesting part is that he promised his teacher that he’d achieve it by 30, but he made it by 31. In 1995, he’d become the world’s richest man with a net worth of $12.9 billion.

If you had bought one share of Microsoft stock for $21 at its IPO on March 13, 1986, it would be worth $14,990 today. That’s a whopping 71,283% increase over 30 years.

Microsoft and Apple actually worked together for years on software for the first Macintosh computer — until Microsoft announced its competing Windows, which sparked a rivalry between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs that lasted for decades.

Microsoft’s first killer app was Microsoft Excel, which was believed to be developed for Macintosh computer, but due to some unknown reasons, it landed on Windows platform directly under the version 2.0.

Windows 95 startup sound was written by the famed producer and musician Brian Eno, which later released as The Rolling Stones’ “Start Me Up”.

Microsoft holds 48,313 patents to date.

The first smartwatch was designed by Microsoft. In 1994, Timex and Microsoft designed the Datalink 150 watch together, beating Apple by 12 years.

In 1988, Gates bought his 66,000 square foot “Xanadu 2.0” estate in Medina, Washington, for $2 million. It’s said to be worth $123 million today.

Though Apple and Microsoft were rivals today, apparently Microsoft saved Apple from almost-certain bankruptcy by making a $150 million investment in 1997.

Microsoft released the Xbox video game console in 2001. “Xbox” is short for “DirectX Box” — DirectX is the crucial software on Microsoft Windows that makes high-quality game graphics possible.

Microsoft’s employees consume 23 million free beverages from the company’s cafeteria every single year (mostly milk and orange juice).

Microsoft employees are expected to bring M&Ms to the office to share on their work anniversaries. The tradition is one pound for every year they’ve been with the company.

The “centibillionaire” was coined when Microsoft’s net worth went past $100 billion. As per the most recent report, Microsoft’s annual revenue is more than $93 billion.

Microsoft’s latest outing Windows 10 is already installed on more than 110 million devices.


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