Display Network Ads or Search Network

This has been haunting webmasters since online marketing exists. A lot of confusion arise for brands and webmasters which ad network to choose for promoting brands as well as content.

When it comes to search network, Google is the key player connecting loads of brands and advertisers. Display networks ads made their entry in the late, however, they are now considered to be the most powerful tool for promoting your brand.

How online marketing evolved?

Before Google launched in the internet space, there were several search engines in place. But Google managed to be the top search engine in the world. It has been restricted in some countries, though.

If you’re looking for some interesting things, Google Search strikes our mind at the first place. Microsoft Bing has partnered with Yahoo to create a strong competition to Google, but they haven’t achieved yet.

Search Network Ads

Keywords are very important for search engines. When you started to promote your brand over search engines, first off, you’ve to create ad campaigns. Creating ad campaigns isn’t that easy. You’ll have to make a thorough market research and analysis for choosing a preferred keyword for your ad campaigns.

Depending on the keywords you choose, you’ll need to bid higher for your ads to show on the first page of Google search and other search engines. This is how search ad network works.

Your search ad should have a crisp title and description that should be a crowd puller to your site.

Display Network Ads

The best example for display network ads is Google Adsense. Almost all webmasters rely on Adsense for revenue from the site.

The advantage of display network ads is that it is more appealing and visible that will easily lure readers or users to click on the ads.

Search engine ads are displayed only on the respective search engines while the display ads are applicable anywhere and anytime. You can even show your ads on your competitor’s site. The whole world of publishers has joined hands with Adsense for generating revenue. So you display your ad anywhere on the internet space.

Not only Google Adsense, there are several display ad networks such as Outbrain, Gravity, Taboola and much more. These ad networks work on the same principle. However, these are content display ad networks displaying your content on your competitor websites.

So display network ads will get you new customers and have a wider reach.

If you are using Google Adsense, you have one privilege that you can block your competitor ads displaying on your website.

Search network ads are helpful in generating lead conversion and conversations, but display network ads for bold enough to reach new audiences. So create experiments, engage with analytic report and try out which is the best for your niche.


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