For the past few years, Instagram has risen to become the go-to social network. And this is not just for middle and high schoolers. Adults too, use Instagram to post pictures and interact with followers. It is estimated that about 53% of adults in the age group of 18-29 use Instagram every day. So, read on to familiarize yourself with the features of this awesome social media platform and find out some interesting hacks. 

Hacks and Hidden Features of Instagram

1. Hashtag Like a Pro

Many individuals have gotten accustomed to adding hashtags to their Instagram photos. However, a few extra tips are available that can make you a real pro. One of them is using emojis in hashtags, and this is currently a huge trend.


Another one is adding hashtags to a comment or original description of the photo. If you want to keep your description brief, just post hashtags instead of a caption.

2. Access Notifications When Favorite People Post

You can get a notification each time certain users post a new photo or video. For this, you need to turn on notifications for each user individually. To do this, visit the profile of the user and open any one of their posts.

Then click on the three dots present on the bottom-right corner of the post. Select the option “Turn on post notifications” from the menu that gets displayed. To disable notifications, follow the same procedure.

3. Utilize Instagram For Editing

Have you ever wanted to use Instagram filters but not upload the picture to Instagram? Well, you can do that, and there is a trick to it. You need to put your phone in Airplane mode and make the necessary edits. If you try to upload the photo, it will fail. However, you will still have the edited image saved on your phone. Isn’t that great?

Airplane Mode
Airplane Mode

4. View The Posts Liked By You

Do you know that you can view all the posts liked by you at a single location? For that, you need to go to your profile and click on the “Options” button. Then select the option “Posts You’ve Liked”. Now if you want to unlike a post that you liked, just go to the post and deselect the ‘heart’ icon.  

5. Deleting Geotags From Snaps

By default, photos posted by you on Instagram will display the location. Now you have the option to delete these Geotags. However, most people don’t do it, until they realize that they have shared the location of their home.

To remove a geotag, go to your Photo Map option and edit the photos on which you don’t want the location to be displayed permanently.

6.  Check Out The Posts Liked And Commented On By Your Friends

You know how to view your posts which are liked by others. However, you can also check which posts are liked by your followers or the comments they have left on other photos. To check the recent activities of your followers, just click on the heart symbol present at the bottom of the home screen that displays the list of people who liked your photos. Then choose the “Following” tab present near the top. 

(Recent Activities On Instagram
(Recent Activities On Instagram

7. Remove Your Tags From Photos

For this, you need to go to your profile. Click on the person button present in the far right. You will be able to see all the photos in which you have been tagged. Just click on the photo option and select whether you want to keep the tag or remove it altogether.

8. Glance At Pics Without Liking Them

Now this is more of a hack than a feature. You can look at other user’s Instagram photos without liking or double tapping them. For that, you need to keep your phone in airplane mode. As there is no internet access, you can’t like a photo, even if you double tap it.

Now pictures won’t get displayed in airplane mode. So first, you need to go to your feed and load the images. Then turn on airplane mode, and you can glance through entire stacks of photos.

9 Display Your Website URL Along With Name

Do you wonder how some people display their website below their names? It is an easy hack. All you have to do is add the URL to the location field of your photo.

10. Clear Search History

Sometimes you don’t want others to know what you have searched for on Instagram. To clear your search history, go to your profile and select ‘Options’. Then scroll down and click on the ‘Clear Search History’ option. You will be prompted with a confirmation message, just click the button ‘I am sure’.

Clear Search History

11. Access Two Instagram Accounts On Android

Sometimes you may have two Instagram accounts and would want to be logged into both. For that, you need to install the Instwogram tool for Android phones. This tool is a clone of the original Instagram app. So, you can log into two Instagram accounts at once and even upload photos on them.


12. Rearrange Filters And Remove The Ones Which You Don’t Use

If you use Instagram a lot, you may have certain favorite filters that you often use and others which you don’t touch. To make editing easy, you can rearrange the filters present in your editing window and also hide the ones that you don’t use. To activate this, you need to go to the filter page while editing. Scroll to the far right of the filter options and choose the option ‘Manage’.

13. Make Your Bio Stylish

Have you thought about how people add link breaks and other cool stuff to their bio? They use sophisticated editing text or craft the text using various tools. Then it is copy-pasted to their Instagram account.

14. Check Photos From Certain Locations

The best part of using Instagram is that you can check out photos taken at specific locations or near your current one.  To do this, you need to use the Geotag option present in your photo editor.


15. Bring Traffic From External Websites

The biggest frustration people who use Instagram come across is not having a clickable URL. You cannot have a clickable URL anywhere on the Instagram platform, except a single website link in the bio box of your profile.

Using photo captions is a sneaky method to get people to come to your Instagram profile where the clickable URL is present.

Wrapping up

Make the most of your Instagram Account, by trying out these easy hacks. If you come across any more hacks such as these, feel free to comment below and let us know.

About Author: Sara George from iDigic has been writing about social media ever since she can remember. Articles mostly touch upon how you can better your social media presence and get more out of your social feed.


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