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Fitbit project higgs

Fitbit’s upcoming smartwatch and headphones photos leaked in full glory

A fresh set of photos of Fitbit’s upcoming smartwatch and a pair of new headphones surfaced online, which was first leaked by Yahoo finance....
Xiaomi Mi Bunny

Xiaomi Launched Kids-Focused Mi Bunny Smartwatch With Voice Calling Support

Xiaomi has unveiled a new smartwatch called the Mi Bunny aimed at kids. Ergonomically designed for kids, the smartwatch offers all usual features available...
Ultrathin e-skin

Ultrathin E-Skin Displays Might Be The Next Generation Smartwatch

While smartwatch and wearables maker were biding tons of money in making thin wearables that eventually blend into the skin, researchers at the University...
Fitbit Blaze Fitness

Fitbit Launches Blaze Smartwatch in India at Rs. 19, 999

Fitbit Blaze smartwatch made its debut at the CES 2016 trade show and the wearable finally lands in India for Rs. 19, 999. Like other...

ENRG launches Actiwear Fitness Smart Band

ENRG launched a new fitness wearable in India called ‘Actiwear’ for serious fitness enthusiasts. Like other wearables, the Actiwear tracks the wearer's activities, workouts,...
Control your TV with TiVo smartwatch app

Control your TV with TiVo smartwatch app

Sweden’s Com Hem unveils a new TiVo smartwatch app for remote control that will revolutionize the wearables. It works quite well on both the...