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Google Home

Google Home Goes On Sale In The UK on April 6th, Priced At £129

Google Home, a digital voice assistant is launched in the UK today at a price tag of £129. The device made its US debut...

Silk Labs Unveils Sense: A Responsive, Intelligent, And Secure Hub For The Smart Home

In today’s world, consumers are very much worried about their privacy and security with the emerging “Internet of Things” devices, so called the “Smart”...
Reliance unveils a new IoT venture UNLIMIT with Cisco

Reliance UNLIMIT Aims to Enable Business Transformation for Companies in India

Anil Ambani-led led Reliance Group on Tuesday launched UNLIMIT, an autonomous unit supported by Reliance Group, which will provide Internet of Things (IoT) services. "The...
Olli is the worlds first autonomous shuttle powered by IBM Watson

Olli Is The World’s First Autonomous Shuttle Powered By IBM Watson

An Arizona-based automaker that specializes in making 3D-printed cars is unveiling a new 3D-printed, autonomous, electric minibus called Olli. The automaker is planning to...
xiaomi smart devices

Xiaomi announces Mi Ecosystem sub-brand

Xiaomi today announced a new sub-brand called the Mi Ecosystem alongside the Redmi 3 Pro smartphone. Although Xiaomi’s core products are smartphones, smart televisions,...