Happy Gandhi Jayanti Video Songs to Commemorate Mahatma Gandhi Sacrifice

Happy Gandhi Jayanti 2017 Video Songs: The legend behind India’s Freedom Movement is Mahatma Gandhi. The entire country is celebrating the birth anniversary of Gandhiji today.


Born on October 2, 1969 as Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Bapuji sow the seed for India’s Independent movement. He spread non-violence and ahimsa throughout his life that’s why he is still called as the Father of the nation.

Gandhi was very strong in his stance of non-violence and that helped us to taste the freedom. On this occasion we are remembering the person who taught good qualities to the individuals of the country.

Here are the songs to bring back the memories of Mahatma Gandhiji:

Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram: Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram is a popular bhajan and Hindu devotional song, that was a favourite of Mahatma Gandhi.

Gun Dham Hamare Gandhi Ji: The songs express gratitude for his contributions to India, sorrow at his passing away and remorse at having failed him.

Gandhiji Ne Sabko: Gandhiji Ne Sabko is a Hindi song on Gandhian Philosophy by Dr.GHAZAL SRINIVAS

Sabarmati Ke Sant Tune Kare Diya Kamal: This is probably the most popular tribute to Mahatma Gandhi from Hindi films.

Suno Suno Aye Duniyawalo Bapu Ki Yeh Amar Kahani: “Suno Suno…” was released in 1948 as an homage to Mahatma Gandhi a week after he was assassinated.

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