How to Celebrate Onam |10 Beautiful Days of Onam | Onam Traditional Dress Code

10 Beautiful Days of Onam: Onam is one of the greatest celebrations of Kerala, and for Malayalis all around the globe. The celebration of Onam lasts for 10 days connoted with merriments and carnivals in Kerala. The celebration means and praises the homecoming of their ruler, “Mahabali”. Generally, the homecoming is consolidated with the rice reap and rain blossom sprouting of the state giving it an all new hugeness. It is trusted that the King Mahabali would return amid Onam to see his kin upbeat and praising as a result of his significant affection for the kingdom.


How to celebrate Onam, 10 Beautiful Days of Onam, Onam dress patternHenceforth, with a celebration so essential and critical for the general population, the dressing and clothing types must astound as well. The ten glorious days of Onam is named after each day, of which first day Atham and the last day Thiruvonam are considered more important.

Significance of Traditional Dress Patterns for Onam

Each day in Onam has significant values and people wear traditional clothes on each day of Onam. Here is an inventory of ten unique clothing types that you would love to hotshot on this jamboree of merriments with an oomph yet conventional aspect.

Pookalam is the pattern of rangoli masterminded with various blossoms. From day one to tenth day, the size of the Pookalams increase expansion of various hued blooms. Check out some of the best pookalam designs for Onam 2016.

10 Beautiful Days of Onam & What to Wear on Each Day

Day 1: Atham

The primary day of the celebrations, start with a conventional parade in stylized robes to stamp the homecoming of his armed force. Elephant rides, society workmanship showcasing with music and moving are only a portion of the highlights of the day and henceforth ought to be uncovered in the apparel too. People used to wear clothing, especially women with traditional sarees and men with dhotis, with yellow shades in it.

Day 2: Chithira

The following day of festivities is set apart by the essentialness of two shades of Orange and cream yellow. In this manner, for the second day, people wear orange and cream yellow shades of garments.

Day 3: Chodi

With the bubbly fever making up for lost time, this day implies the sprouting of very nearly 5 assortments of blooms and looking for companions and relatives. Drawing out the palette for the day, it was be best to wear agreeable yet customary garments for the day to focus on shopping, what ladies adore best!!!

Day 4: Vishakam

A standout amongst the most favorable and busiest days of onam, it connotes the harvest and rivalries for local people. So be calm since it will be a long day ahead.

Day 5: Anizham

The dress practice is here at last! Draw out your gathering garments for some Vallam Kali (Snake Boat celebration) and Aranmula boat race practice.

Day 6: Thriketa

Another cluster of 5-6 blooms bloom on this day denoting the start of Christmas season as a great many people pack up to leave for the places where they grew up to join the celebrations. Homecoming of youngsters and relatives must be extraordinary with splendid silk sarees to resound the music of happiness.

Day 7: Moolam

Firecrackers and rangolis are the best part of the day. With all things splendid and wonderful, so ought to be the garments. Haul out your customary lehenga and mang tikas to commend the day.

Day 8: Pooradam

Cotton sarees are the most wonderful clothing for puja that is the huge occasion of the day. The icons of Mahabali and Vamana are taken to the water banks for a purifying custom.

Day 9: Uthradom

The Uthradom is referred to as the principal Onam as it is considered as the day King Mahabali first set foot in Kerala. Subsequently, the clothing is totally conventional with red or brilliant outskirt silk sarees and lehenga with some customary gold adornments to praise the landing.

Day 10: Thiruvonam

The final day of ceremonies, additionally famously known as second Onam, is the last day when the cherished lord would come back to the underworld, glad in the wake of seeing his kingdom cheering. The vast majority spruce up in their best conventional garments and adornments to send him with a glad and battled heart.

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