Boom Tube Resonator – Drinking Water From Sewage for the Betterment of Tomorrow

Boom Tube Resonator: Gone are the days of recycling! Drinking water is an essential source for a living; the water crisis is becoming the most dangerous threat to the living society for years now. The world had left behind recycling and looking for the alternative, recovering used water.

Boom Tube Resonator – Drinking Water From Sewage for the Betterment of Tomorrow

Dr. Rajah Vijay Kumar, a young vibrant scientist from the southern state of India has put forward a solution for recovering water from sewage water, which was earlier believed to be impossible. His formula helps his campus to recover 10,000 liters of water from sewage daily and that is used for drinking as well.

The Boom Tube Resonator –what he calls it, converts sewage water into drinking water without using chemicals or micro-organisms. More importantly, it also produces a high-quality organic byproduct that can be used as fertilizer.

While several governments are betting high on finding a solution to recover used water, India may need to consider Dr. Rajah Vijay Kumar’s invention and expand it to big scale. India is currently facing worst drinking water crisis while the groundwater table is depleting and the surface water not fit for drinking due to contamination.

India currently consumes 693 million cubic meters of water annually, which is estimated to go high as 1,422 billion cubic meters of water in 2050. As well as, India discharges 38,400 million cubic meters of sewage water annually.

Rajah says, “India has an abundant supply of sewage today, and it should be recovered possibly.” The recovered water using Boom Tube Resonator is rated ISI 505, which is safe for drinking.

The Boom Tube Resonator applies a simple principle of neutralizing the fine particles in sewage. The high-intensity shortwave force the fine particles in sewage to collide and combine together, thus making it safe for drinking.