6 Strange and Weird Hobbies Ever – No. 3 is Extremely Incredible

I wonder what Paris Hilton would look like as a taxidermied squirrel. Let’s see about it.

Hobbies can be healthy habits. Whether it is going to movies or taking pictures of gravestones. Listen, we’re not here to talk about what you choose to do with your free time. Unless, Of course, you choose to do something so strange with your free time that we have to talk about it.

We have scoured the depths of the internet and found some of the weird hobbies out there. So let’s get started with some of the strangest hobbies people have, indeed.

Painting Baseballs

When I say that, what I mean is a guy whose hobby is to paint one baseball over and over and over again. Don’t think this is his job. His name is Michael Carmichael.

The interesting thing with his name is that he has got a “car” in the middle of two first names.

When was in high school, he met with an accident. And, he spills paint onto a baseball. That moment he got an idea, “I’m going to paint that baseball again and again and over again.”

Painting BaseballHe even gets his kid involved in painting the baseball. That’s what I say real bonding.

He started painting a new baseball in 1977, every single day, at least one layer a day for over 40 years. He holds a Guinness World record for largest ball of paint. Obviously, it is the largest baseball at this point which now weighs two-and-a-half tons.

Knitting Boobs

Here’s an interesting one. A 91-year old Coral Charles-Dunne from Birmingham whose hobby is knitting boobs. It’s weird, that’s why we listed out its as one of the weird hobbies. It does not mean that she repairs people’s boobs. She knits Knitting materials into boobs.

Knitting BoobsIt is an educational tool used by expectant moms to learn the techniques for breastfeeding.

Drawing Imaginary Maps

Next up is Ian Silva who is a commuter train driver in Sydney, Australia. He was once asked a question on Reddit, “What do you like to do for fun when you’re alone.” It seems that he wasn’t asked but he responded to the question posted.

Koana islandsHe said, “I like to draw maps of an imaginary place that I’ve invented in my mind.” It’s interesting, isn’t it? You’ll be completely blown up because it’s not just like other little sketch-irony. That was really freaking.  Just look at the picture, you’ll be astonished to see the details. Definitely, an interesting and weird hobbies that we have ever heard.

He doesn’t stop with incredible drawing; he’s also got all the details about the islands. He named it as Koana islands that have 93 million residents, 11 national parks, and ranked among the world’s best countries to live in. It has a lot of interconnections, which are linked by roads.

He is also creating a language which is a mix of Old Norse and English that is going to be spoken by these people.

Taxidermizing Squirrels

Susan Mullins from Fort Campbell, Tennessee loves squirrels, but the dean ones. She turns them into art. She taxidermied squirrels, which means she preserves squirrels skin, does a lot of stuffing and mounts them like lifelike form, just one of the weird hobbies.

Taxidermizing SquirrelsShe’s even got a 1920’s flapper squirrel. She gets the squirrels from a man in Georgia who eats them and then gives her the skins. She sells them on eBay with prices ranging from $75 to $250.

Faking His Own Death

The former computer engineer Chuck Lamb from Ohio whose life dream is to become an actor. According to him, he neither had any acting experience nor wasn’t he very good looking. So he took an unorthodox path, and he started faking his own death, repeatedly. And then getting his wife to take pictures of him and posting it on his website, deadbodyguy.com.

faking his own deathThis may look insane, but that actually helped him to appear in movies like Kentucky Horror Show, and ThanksKilling.

News Photo Bomber

Paul Yarrow of South London has made this his hobby. Over a few months, Paul appeared in over 20 live news reports across various London stations.

News Photo BomberWherever he sees a live news reporting, he will somehow manage to appear behind the news reporter, that too, naturally.

So, What’s your hobby?

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