Sasikala and Co turned down late Jayalalithaa last wish

We all knew that late Jayalalithaa was admitted to Apollo hospital on September 22, 2016 for fever and dehydration. She was administered by expert Doctors team of Apollo hospitals and AIIMS under the supervisor of London Specialist and Researcher Robert Beale. They said that she would be normalized and return home in two days, however, she never returned from the hospitals and left her last breathe on December 5, 2016 at 11:30 PM.

While conspiracy theories say her death seems not be natural and there are lot of controversies around her death, it is being said that her last (death wish) was not fulfilled by Sasikala and Co.

After her admittance to hospital, she lost her conscious in a few days, however she returned to conscious at a point of time. Immediately, she enquired to doctors what happened to her and how long she has been in hospitals, she was chocked on leaning the truth. Jayalalithaa was always been affectionate towards people of Tamil Nadu, in fact, she was upset learning the truth that none of her photos or health status was not unveiled until then.

She immediately asked doctors to release a press statement and her photos so that people let know about her health condition. Doctors have informed it to Sasikala and Co. seeking her advice on how to proceed with Jayalalithaa’s wish. It seems Sasikala had refused to do so, as they were gaining sympathy over Jaylalithaa’s health at that time. Sasikala doesn’t want to ruin the situation and thought of benefiting using the situation.

Puratchithalaivi Jayalalithaa health was badly affected in the course of time. She suffered a massive cardiac arrest on December 4 and she passed away on December 5. According to souses, late Jayalalithaa’s last wish was never fulfilled by Sasikala and Co. It still remains mysterious what happened in Room 2008 in Apollo hospital where she was admitted.

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