Baba Ramdev death hoax message

Death hoax messages of celebrities have become trend on social media, especially WhatsApp, late this year. The latest celebrity to become victim of the trend is none other than Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev. A forward message suggesting Patanjali chief Baba Ramdev involved in an accident on the Mumbai-Pune highway has been circulating on the instant messaging platform WhatsApp from today morning.

The WhatsApp forward along with a couple of pictures has gone viral, as we speak. It claimed that Baba Ramdev along with four associates was involved in a car accident while travelling from Pune to Mumbai. Of those two images, one is showing Baba Ramdev being carried on a stretched from Ambulance to a hospital while the other shows a brutally crashed car.

The WhatsApp thread created panic among people as he was a noted public figure who is best known for his work in yoga, ayurveda politics, agriculture and business. The death hoax message spread like a wild fire on social media creating a huge uproar while upsetting his followers. But the news was fake which was made viral to cause distress among his followers.

It seems the crashed car photo was taken from the internet while Baba Ramdev’s picture was real, but it was taken in 2011 when the yoga guru was rushed to a hospital after a deadly accident in Bihar. “No such incident has taken place on the Mumbai-Pune highway. The messages are fake,” a highway contol officer said.


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