How to Apply Ration Card Online in Tamil Nadu

How to Apply Ration Card Online in Tamil Nadu: The Tamil Nadu state government has launched a new portal for applying Ration Card online and that will be accessible for public use from Diwali. The government of Tamil Nadu is providing essential commodities to people based on their classification at affordable prices through Public Distribution System.

In order to avail these benefits one should have a valid Ration Card. However, getting Ration Card isn’t that easy, as you have to wait longer to get it. The Ration Card should be delivered to the beneficiaries within 60 days of applying the new Ration card. The manual process takes longer than expected and so the Government has come with an online portal.

How to Apply Ration Card Online in Tamil Nadu

The beneficiary will need to visit to apply for a new Ration Card. The site is accessible in Tamil as well as English renditions. You’ll be landed at Tamil version by default, however you can select your preferred language by choosing your preferable language at the top right hand of the page near the login tab

Click on ”Apply Now” button at the left hand side of the page and then “Apply Now” green button at the landing page.

Simply fill the required details and upload all supporting documents including, Family head photo, Famil members aadhaar card, and proof of residence.

Select the type of card (AAY Card, Blue Card (B), Green Card (G), Khaki Card (K), LOF AAY Card (L), LOF Green Card (O), LOF Sugar Card (F), No Commodity Card (N), Prison Card (P), Sugar Card and Tatkal Card (T)) and fill the gas connection details.

Once you are done with filling the requited information, click ‘register’ to submit the application form. You will receive a reference number after submitting the application by which you can check the status of your card online.

The beneficiary will receive the ration card within 60 days from the application date. The applicant will need to visit the concerned AC/TSO office within 15 days of the acknowledgement of the readiness of the ration card.

The government of Tamil Nadu is taking every possible action to end corruption by all means. People should make use of the available online platforms for applying all government related identity proofs, and by the way, we can put an end to bribery.


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