Goa to be the First State in India to Go Cashless from January 2017

While we have to sit tight for a while to get a clear picture of demonetization measure in the country, Goa is going to be the first state in India to go cashless from New Year of 2017. Starting from December 31, 2016, people will make their purchase and pay through smartphones

R. K. Srivastava, Chief Secretary of the state said, “Starting from December 31, the residents of Goa don’t need to carry their purses for shopping, even for buying perishables like fish, meat, vegetables or anything else. All transaction will be made through mobile and that would get rid of pickpocketers soon. The money for all purchases will be debited from their bank account.”

The government is making the process very easy. One has to dial *99# from their phone, not necessarily a smartphone, and follow the instructions to complete the transactions. This system will cater the transactions at small vendors who don’t have swipe machines. You can still use ATMs and debit and credit cards for purchases as well.

The state government will initiate a campaign to create awareness to the general public and small vendors on how to use the cashless transaction from Monday at Mapusa and Panaji.

This system won’t eliminate the cash transaction, however, the movie is to encourage cashless environment. There will be no minimum limit on the cashless transaction and no fees will be charged for all transactions made through mobile.

Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar said at the Vijay Sankalp Rally at Sankhali on Friday that PM Narendra Modi had a dream about a cashless society and “they told me that Goa can become the first state to go cashless”.


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