Chief Minister O Panneerselvam Assures to Hold Jallikattu in Two Days

After Central Government led by Narendra Modi deny to pass an immediate ordinance favoring the conduct of Jallikattu in the state of Tamil Nadu, Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu O Panneerselvam announced yesterday that people will see the action of state government soon.

He stayed at Delhi and had several meetings and consultation with senior lawyer and government authorities on all possible legal steps that the government can endorse in order to conduct the sport immediately. Finally, they arrived to promulgate an ordinance to conduct Jallikattu.

Chief Minister O Panneerselvam announced today that the state government will take all possible steps to ensure the conduct of the sport. An emergency ordinance will be promulgated by making an amendment to the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act at the State level. The ordinance draft has been sent to the Union Home Ministry and after their approval will be sent to the President of India. After his due consent, the Governor of the state will abide and pass the ordinance in the state by which the Jallikattu will be conducted in two days.

Jallikattu protesters have said that it was their initial victory and will not withdraw the protest until the ordinance is passed and the permanent solution is arrived to safeguard Tamil’s ancient sport of bull embracing (Jallikattu).

Meanwhile, Modi government has asked the Supreme Court of India not to pass on the final verdict on Jallikattu for a week at least, as they were working with the state government to resolve the issue.

There’s no detailed info about the ordinance at this point of time. There’s no word from PETA whether they will appeal to the Supreme Court challenging the state government. As per sources, PETA is geeting consultation with their Lawyers team on what to do next if the state government passes an ordinance allowing conducting the sport. Stay tuned to know more details.

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