Ilami Movie Review – Essence of Jallikattu

Ilami Movie Trailer: Ilami is a Tamil drama film set in the backdrop of Madurai Jallikattu, a sport that unfolds the real traditional and cultural value of Tamil people. The film ‘Ilami’ has been written, directed, and produced by J Julien Prakash, who wants to show the world the true essence of Jallikattu that it’s not a blood-thirsty sport as claimed by the haters of Jallikattu.

The motive behind the ban of Jallikattu is very certain and this movie is going to blow a big hit at their faces who never aware of the history of Tamil people and their traditions. Ilami features Yuvan of Saattai fame and Anu Krishna in the lead roles alongside Akhil,  Kishore Kumar, Ravi Mariya and others in supporting roles.

Music for the film is handled by Srikanth Deva, cinematography and editing by Yuga and Sudha respectively.

Ilami Movie Review – Essence of Jallikattu

Ilami doesn’t have big stars or the story that attracts younger generation, but it should be watched by all because the movie has something for all from cultural values to traditions to our ancestors sport to love.

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Ilami Movie Review

Ilami Movie Story

Ilami is a period film set in the backdrop of temple town of Madurai tells a unforgotten story of 18th century, in fact, the plot unfolds 300 years ago, 1715, exactly to say. The main plot of the movie forms the Jallikattu and its traditional values and the screenplay of the movie has been designed in that way.

The way the cultural sport Jallikattu is organized today is complete contrast with the Jallikattu shown in the movie that’s before 300 years. It is prestigious to win over a bull in Jallikattu and that too face to face. Unlike today’s Jallikattu, it is a sport that tough physique men have to face rugged bulls face to face and win them. To make the plot interesting, there goes a love portions between Yuvan and Anu the way it was like in 18th century. Akhil play the negative lead in the movie while Kishore as  jamindar.

The second half of the movie gets irresistible pace with twist and turns and everything revolves around Jallikattu, the center plot of the film. There are several setbacks in the movie and the screenplay is bit lagging. Watch the movie in theatres to know the rest of the story.

“Like children whose first drawings are their parents, their schools and classrooms, jallikattu is so much in my psyche, in my blood that I thought it would be best to give expression to my feelings through the creative medium of cinema,” director Julien Prakash said when asked why he chose this plot.

“Although we did build a smaller set at Theni, near Madurai, in Tamil Nadu, we found it very difficult to find any place in the state that was untouched by 21st century development. We found pucca roads and electric wires everywhere, and it was only Talakona that looked pristine and suitable for our narrative,” Prakash concluded.

Jallikattu is our traditional sport which should not be banned at any cost and movie like this should get maximum reach to prove our traditional values.

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