WTF… Podi… Podi… Oviya takes on double-faced Juliana

Bigg Boss Tamil: There’s no doubt that today’s episode on Bigg Boss is the most enthralling segment that we have seen ever since the reality show went on airing. Whether it is scripted or not, it’s just a program meant for entertainment, and obviously, audience have been amused and excited.

Oviya was always seen calm and patient all the time, but today, she lost her patience and busted out, which the audience expected so long. Oviya went crazy when Gayathri Raguram, Juliana and Namitha intentionally provoked her by letting her not sleep at night, the furious Oviya called Juliana “What the F**K, Podi… Podi…” and just went out of the room.

Juliana was shocked as she didn’t expect the counter from Oviya was seen sitting at the lawn. Oviya takes on the housemates single-handedly with her own style, attracting the masses and Oviya Army. She has been trending on Twitter India post the closing of the episode.

The housemates, including Shakthi, Namitha, Gayathri Raguram and Juliana claim that all the inmates except Oviya are against her, so who should be faulty? Interestingly, the entire social media is on Oviya side, so who should be blamed? Let’s find the answer from Bigg Boss today.