Why Meme Creators Target Mr D For Celebrity Divorces?

Actor Dhanush had been onto controversies in the past at the time of the movie ‘3’ releases and the actor is now been consistently targeted by netizens for the past few weeks now. If you are fan of social media like Facebook and Twitter, you might have come across several memes depicting directly or indirectly that he is one who is responsible for celebrity divorces.

While I saw some memes about “Mr D”, the curiosity in me bumps and that made to look for why the meme creators are targeting him for all divorce cases, and the one that astonished me is the divorce of a Hollywood actor for which Mr D was the key reason as per the meme creator.

Amala Paul Divorce

I started digging out about actor Dhanush and all these memes started popping out after the divorce of Director AL Vijay and Amala Paul. Some sources have claimed that Dhanush is the key for the split between the couple. Al Vijay’s father, who is a big shot in Kollywood, had imposed an indirect ban on actress Amala Paul, seeking producers and directors not to rope her in any of the future ventures. It was Dhanush who gave her chance in back to back films.

Mr D and Amala Paul

Dhanush hit outing, Velai Illa Pathathari (VIP) was the beginning knot for the intimate relationship between Mr D and Amala Paul. The family of AL Vijay were not interested about Amala Paul acting in films and asked her to spend time on Vijay and the family. The actress ignored everything the family said and signed films in the course of the event. VIP had many intimate scenes between Dhanush and Amala Paul, and after interference of AL Vijay father, Mr. D has removed some of the scenes from the movie.

The buzz about their relationship made rounds in the Kollywood and it seems Dhnaush family is also not happy with the ongoing matter. Despite of issues in both the families, Dhanush made Amala Paul to act in the movie Amma Kannaku under his own banner. That created a bitter between the couple and director AL Vijay officially filed divorce and announced publicly too. In a press statement, he clearly mentioned that her activities were the reason for the divorce. Dhanush had also roped in Amala Paul in Vada Chennai as well. Considering the fact, Mr D was the reason for the divorce; the meme creators got good entertainment, started releasing memes about Mr D.

This year we saw a couple of divorces in Kollywood and the recent parted couple was Gautami and Kamal Haasan. It is said Shruti Haasan forced the separation between them as Gautami seemed to take strict actions on Shruti. But, Mr D was the ultimate prey for the netizens. Here are some of the memes about Mr D.


*Meme Credits: Unknown Creators

Making fun of a person should not be entertained at any cost. The netizens slams celebrities on social media for a good cause is different, but teasing a celebrity just like this is not a healthy thing.