Is this Girl in Alleged Anirudh Scandal MMS Controversial video?

Since Tuesday, Anirudh is making waves in Social media, especially WhatsApp, as an allegedly scandal MMS video of him has been shared in WhatsApp groups. In the following occurrences, Anirudh clarified that the guy in the video was not him and he has nothing to do with the video.

Last night, a photo of him with a girl was circulated in social media citing the girl in the scandal MMS video was her. There is no evidence that the girl in the photos was her. After looking around the things, the photo was taken from Anirudh Instagram account, which he had posted it a few days ago. It was mentioned the girl in the photo was his fan and was taken at a function.

It would be better to know what’s happening around before sharing the photos in social media, as it may hurt everyone’s feelings. It shows her in the bad light and her life will be questioned? Be cautious before sharing any information in social media.