How to use WhatsApp as personal cloud storage for your media files and notes

WhatsApp is the widely used instant messaging service with over one billion monthly active users. While every one of us still believe that WhatsApp is for only to stay connected with friends and family anytime and anywhere, you can also use this app as your personal storehouse to keep all your important documents in one place. Moreover, it features end-to-end encryption which the company says that it itself cannot spy on the conversation between users. Since the app is owned by Facebook, it has no plans to charge users anytime soon.

Use WhatsApp as personal storehouse 

You have been using this app for texting and calling (voice and video) so far, but there are a couple of exciting features that most of us haven’t unlocked yet. Apart from serving as a fast and reliable communication media, WhatsApp also lets users to:

  1. Serve as personal storehouse for your documents, notes, reminders, photos, and types of digital content which you can access them anywhere across devices.

2. You can easily transfer documents, screenshots, scanned files, web links, and other supported files between your mobile and computer without requiring any third party app or service.

How to achieve it?

It’s very simple and all that requires a simple hack. You will just require a virtual contact within the WhatsApp and share everything that you want to this virtual contact. It is not possible to send documents or start a new chat with your own number. So, what you can do to make it possible. Just create a new WhatsApp group with only one participant – that’s you.

  • Launch WhatsApp on your phone and create a new group.
  • Add only one contact (probably your friend) and name the group and save.
  • Open the newly created group, tap the group name to view the participants list.
  • Remove the lone participant from the group. That’s it.

You have now successfully created a group with a single participant, and you can store all your important documents in one place and transfer between your mobile and computer anywhere without the need of installing a client or service to do so.  You can simply transfer the documents to any device (from phone to pc) by hitting on your computer, share files within seconds.