What made Oviya to cry in today’s episode on Bigg Boss Tamil?

Bigg Boss Tamil: In yesterday’s episode the newly elected leader of the Bigg Boss house, Snehan called Oviya as Julie when he was told to form teams for cooking, washing dishes and cleaning. We are not sure whether he did it intentionally or unintentionally but it affected Oviya very badly.

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Oviya was already trembling due to unbelievable distress following last week’s incidents, which made her to feel lonely. There’s no support for her in the house, except Aarav who is the only neutral person out there.

Looks like Oviya has made some negative remarks at the breakfast table making them discomfort. Following that, Oviya burst out to tears when talking with Snehan. We are uncertain about what happened, but it looks like she is in high stress.

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