What happened in Bigg Boss house? Will Kamal Hassan Pull Up Aarav?

Oviya Army of Fans can now have a big sigh of relief as their ThangaThalaivi Oviya got rid of Aarav. But lots of questions haunt them. Aarav who was romantically linked to Oviya earlier ignored and avoided for the past few days creating a huge buzz on social media. He was committed already before taking part in Bigg Boss, and as to why he flirted with Oviya and later get rid fo her.

There are lots of questions and confusions on minds of Oviya Army which we believe will be clarified by Kamal Hassan this weekend, or at least a few might be. Oviya confronts Aarav the other day, “why did you kiss me”. Though, Aarav denied her accusations but looking at his face one would easily say that something had happened between them. So, be ready to watch an AV this weekend.

In the last episode, Oviya said she was very much upset and depressed as she badly needs a clear picture on whether Aarav loves her or not. To which, Aarav responded he isn’t in love with her. Raged in anger Oviya accused Aarav, “It was my misunderstanding that you loved me and you took advantage of me. Don’t come back to me ever in my life. I don’t give second chance to any F*** guy”.

People liked her because of her straightforward and honest attitude which has been proved at various times during her stay in the house. Armies of Oviya fans strongly believe she isn’t lying and something happened between them. It is now the ball in Kamal Haasan’s court. Will he reveal the mystery happened in the Bigg Boss house?