This is what Bharani did after walking out of the Bigg Boss house

Actor Bharani who was evicted for the Bigg Boss house yesterday is now happy with his family and children. He was expelled from the show for breaking the rules of the show, who made an attempt to escape from the Bigg Boss house by climbing over the walls of the compound, which is not allowed as per the norms.

Bigg Boss Tamil: Finally, Bharani relieved, expelled from Bigg Boss house

Bharani has been humiliated by the fellow inmates, particularly Gayathri Raguram and Snehan after Ganja Karuppu was eliminated from the Bigg Boss house last Sunday. The housemates ganged up together and started to corner Bharani with degraded statements, whom they expected to get evicted from the show.

They criticized him publicly and projected him in a bad light. Gayathri Raghuram went further saying he was a womanizer and she doesn’t feel secure and can’t ensure the safety of women participants if he continue to stay in the house.

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Apparently, these sorts of articulation will hurt and test anyone’s endurance and the innocent Bharani who wasn’t able to tolerate and bear such kind of shaming words, pleaded to Bigg Boss to let him go out of the house. With no response from Bigg Boss, he tried to escape from the house by climbing over the walls of the compound. He was then evicted from the house for violating the rules of the Bigg Boss house.

Yesterday’s episode created outrage on social media and netizens started to attack contestants, particularly Gayathri Raguram and Snehan for their inhumane acts. Most of the individuals have sought for wild-card entry for Bharani as the way of eviction happened to him is unacceptable.

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Bharani went to his house in Chennai after he was eliminated from the house. He seemed cool and said he is quite happy now. We know Bharani is an ardent devotee of Lord Murugan, and went to a Murugan Temple as the first thing in the morning. His children had suffered fever were now happy after seeing him.

It seems that he had signed an agreement with Vijay TV that he should discuss about the Bigg Boss show with others for 100 days and thus he didn’t say anything about the show or the contestants. But, he said it was good experience and learned a lot. And, of course, he is positive and will soon start shooting for films.