Bigg Boss Tamil: The promo of Saturday’s episode is finally here

Actress Oviya, people’s favorite contestant of Bigg Boss has been receiving overwhelming wave of support on social media platforms since her first day on the show. In a shocking turn of events, Oviya has walked out of the show following the rift between her and Aarav, another Bigg Boss contestant.


On Friday’s episode, Oviya is seen swaying between angry, sad, confusion and happy and requested Bigg Boss for medical consultation when she felt that something is wrong with her. Since Bigg Boss didn’t care about her request, she jumped into the swimming pool with an intention of attempting suicide, however, inmate save her. She later revealed that she did it to grab the attention of Bigg Boss.

Post evening, the makers of Bigg Boss agreed to her request, but they ended the show even without the promo of Saturday’s episode, leaving audience in vague. Audiences were utterly confused about what happened after the show whether she left or continuing the show. Oviya has apparently left the show citing medical reasons. Soon, the social media was stormed with hashtags, messages, campaigns, videos, and memes supporting the actress.

An old image of her travelling in a red car went viral claiming that she left the show post Friday evening. In the latest development, the channel released a promo of today’s episode where contestants are seen depressed and upset. We have also learnt that the makers of the show are in talks with her for possible re-entry into the show. They might have aware that pushing her from the show under such events could trigger outrage and will eventually lead to the decline in its popularity and TRPs.

Watch Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 42 promo

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