War Between GV Prakash and Thala Ajith Fans

Have you seen hashtag #FrustratedPsychoGvPrakash trending on Twitter yesterday and it was all because of a tweet by popular music director and actor G.V. Prakash. When the quarrel started between the actor and Ajith fans on Twitter, Ajith fans started to troll GV Prakash to the maximum extent which made G.V. Prakash to block Ajith fans id on Twitter.

At the same time, he started to respond to these trolls where he mentioned Ajith Fans as ‘turtles,’ indirectly Thala Ajith. The Angry Ajith fans created a hashtag #FrustratedPsychoGvPrakash and started to trend it worldwide.

You can see lot of tweets under the hashtag and a condolence poster of GV Prakash being shared on social media. A part of media have reported that GV Prakash became a mainstream actor only after he drifted apart from Actor Vijay.  It is not certain how far the claim is true.

Here are some of the tweets of GV Prakash targeting Ajith Fans