Here’s everything you need to know about Walt Disney World Pandora: The World of Avatar

Walt Disney World theme park has been entertaining people for decades with their favorite movie characters, is gearing up for the launch of new theme at the Disney Animal Kingdom on May 27th. Avatar is one of the most expected sequels for years where Disney is about to open up the fictional habitable moon Pandora: The World of Avatar by the end of this month.

Avatar was a 2009 movie directed by James Cameron that explored the land of beautiful and unimaginable of Pandora, a habitable moon where tribes of Na’vi (blue aliens) lived. The movie evoked curiosity among movie lovers about the land of fantasy and that is going to come true with Disney’s new World of Avatar, where you’ll experience everything and beyond that you saw in the movie.

While the new fantasy world isn’t opened to public yet, Disney gave a sneak peek of the land of Pandora to press last week. So the world of ambitious adventure that we thought it was only possible in fiction movies will make people to believe that it is real when they tour the Pandora: The World of Avatar. People will come face-to-face with blue Aliens sometimes during the adventurous ride, however don’t expect to have character meet-and-greets as they do for other characters. It will be a tough time for anyone to have painted blue waiving their hand around in that costumes.

The newest fantasy addition to the theme park includes a hell lot of exciting attractions, including the Na’vi River Journey, Satu’li canteen where you can relish Na’vi tribe’s favorite food, Avatar Flight of Passage, Valley of Mo’ara where lush green landscapes that are both intriguing in day and at night, giants flora and fauns popping out during the day and they glittering lights that illuminate the land in night. There are also shopping attractions and Pongu Pongu lounge, which is Na’vi inspired refreshment.

Na’vi River Journey is a traditional boat journey through the scared river filled with thrills and adventure. You will see bioluminescent plants, spinning orange disks, moving silhouettes of lizards on overhead leaves. The Avatar Flight of Passage is a 3D-rendered stimulator ride that takes visitors through stunning landscapes as we saw in the movie. Valley of Mo’ara will be the one that could excite everyone. The thrills start with the illusion you’re hanging over a valley, then plunging into it. You pass through a flock of banshees and come face to face with an aerial predator. You feel the mist of a rushing waterfall and shoot under the curl of a wave. There are close calls with tree limbs and a herd of stampeding beasts.

The project that was started in 2011 will get its life on May 27, 2017. Don’t miss the thrilling ride through Cameron’s vision of adventurous land when it opens.