Vivegam Movie Review – 3.5/5 – An extravaganza treat for movie lovers

Vivegam Review: After a couple of years, fans of Thala Ajith Kumar are all set to witness his some power-packed extravaganza on silver screens with Vivegam. This film is his third collaboration with Siva after Veeram and Vedhalam which is produced by Sathya Jyothi Films. The film has two female leads – Kajal Aggarwal and Akshara Haasan while Vivek Oberoi plays an important role in the film.

The pre-release buzz surrounding the film is exceptional along with the trailer and teaser the film raged the hype and expectation amongst movie lovers. The advance booking both online and offline channels saw tremendous response from the fans with tickets sold like hotcake across the theatres. According to pre-release trends and advance booking, the film is all set to create some earth-shattering box-office records.

Set in Europe, Vivegam is an investigative spy thriller where Ajith plays the protagonist and Vivek Oberoi the antagonist. Vivegam is about the story of a spy who is on a mission to eradicate baddies along with a team of five members. But, it’s long before, he uncovers that one of its team members is the crooked person. From there, the story takes a twist where Ajith storms the villain single-handed. The bike stunts, Ajith intro, Akshara intro transformation scenes and climax  are said to be the highlight of the film.

Second Half Review

– Vivek Oberoi paints Ajith (AK) as a most wanted terrorist. AK has two targets now. Finding dangerous weapons and proving his innocence to the world.

– Now the story shifts to a war between Ajith and Vivek Oberoi. Vivek tries to kill Ajith’s wife Kajal but fails.

– Ajith rages with unbelievable transformation and the climax storms the theatres. Mind-blowing visuals and stunts. Best of Ajith’s so far. Siva could have concentrated more on the story part as engaging elements are missing a bit. It will be an extravaganza treat for Thala fans.

First Half Review

– First Half Report: First half is filled with back to back action episodes with non stop gun firings. Visuals are grand but action episodes are missing the kick. Overall very average first half. Interval bang is interesting. Ajith says real action begins now. Let’s see.

– As part of the mission AK (Ajith) is chasing hacker Natasha (Akshara Haasan), is never ending. Natasha soon turns helper for Ajith to identify the dangerous earth quake weapons. In the process Natasha takes a bullet shot and dies.

– Ajith gets a serious mission to find dangerous weapons which could cause earth quakes. He has very little time to find them.

– Vivek Oberoi takes us to the flash back episode of Ajith and Kajal Aggarwal. Vivek and Ajith work together in the same intelligence agency.

– Show started with a serious action episode. Ajith makes his entry with ‘party time’ dialogue. Excellent location and grand visuals but the way action episode shot is just ordinary.

Verdict – Vivekam (Vivegam) comes with grand making values and good visuals but that’s about it. Lack of freshness in script is the biggest issue of this action thriller.


Vivegam Review – Live Updates

Sreedhar Pillai: #Vivegam Interval Report – Adipoli action entertainer, Thala Tharumaru

Ramesh Bala‏: #Vivegam 1st Half : Opening Action Sequence, Bike chase (The best u will see in ANY movie) and interval block.. Theater moments galore..

#Vivegam 1st Half : VERA LEVEL! #Thala #Ajith in Terrific Form.. Racy to the core.. On par or better than Hollywood Action Thriller..

#Vivegam : The Best Action Movie to come out of Indian Cinema Ever!

#Vivegam : #Thala #Ajith once again proves in terms of screen presence, action and sheer physical effort he is unparalleled..

#Vivegam [3.5/5]: A Top-notch International level action thriller.. With right emotions.. Visuals and Grand Making.. A Mass Entertainer..

Surendhar MK‏: #Vivegam first half: Loved @aksharahaasan1’s intro. Superbly staged by @directorsiva. Nicely built up and it hits the right chord.

Half way through #Vivegam. Bike chase sequence is the highlight. #Thala #Ajith keeps the audience in high spirits. Interval block

#Vivegam:Perfect material for fans, who haven’t seen #Ajith on the big screen in a long time. Mounted on international scale @directorsiva

#Vivegam: #Ajith’s hard work is visible in every frame. It’s more than enough for his staunch fans to watch it repeatedly. @directorsiva

#Vivegam: #ThalaiViduthalai song is replete with goosebumps-inducing moments of #Ajith. Transformation at its best, albeit hard to believe.

Sathish Kumar M‏: #Vivegam 1st half – #Thala Screen presence + @aksharahaasan1 + Visuals + @anirudhofficial BGM 👍👍 Waiting for the #Rage in the 2nd half

#Vivegam Hardwork & Dedicated of #Thala is definitely vera level. He has given his best ever performance in action scene

Rajasekar‏: #Vivegam – the best intro is for @aksharahaasan1, her revealing point is truly #Thala looks cool and confident.

#Vivegam well staged action sequences steal the show so far. Well done @directorsiva, bike chase in the pre-interval

Kaushik LM‏: #Vivegam 1st half – Has repeat value already! @anirudhofficial 🔥🔥..Now, the #Phoenix shall rise.. Bring on the 2nd half, @directorsiva & co.

#Vivegam 1st half -Has one of #Thala #Ajith’s best intro sequences(don’t go in late), then there is #Surviva, the bike chase segment etc etc

#Vivegam 1st half – Truly good Hard work, effort shows in all areas Packed with splendid theater moments. #Thala at his best #ReadyToRage

#Vivegam 2nd half – More theater moments with #ThalaiViduthalai, smart sniper action & the final 10 mins when #Thala #Ajith fans went wild!

#Vivegam -Sheer guts from @directorsiva to totally break his mass template. As he said he has delivered a hardcore international action film

Abishek S: 1st half is just bang on! Not a single frame goes wasted! Expect for a bit of cliche’s, #Vivegam will earn quite a bit of technical awards!

Content 4 two films wrapped in 1!

#Thala #Ajith at his juncture decides to take the giant leap! He has submitted himself to @directorsiva

Prashanth Rangaswamy‏: #Vivegam will be remembered for many things but the primary reason will be hard work and dedication of one man – Ajith Kumar !