Bigg Boss Voting (Online), Missed Call details, Nominees, Eliminated Contestants details

Bigg Boss Voting: The most interesting part in the reality show Bigg Boss Tamil is the elimination where one of the contestants will be evicted from the house every week.

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Bigg Boss Voting: The most interesting part in the reality show Bigg Boss Tamil is the elimination where one of the contestants will be evicted from the house every week. The season one of Bigg Boss Tamil started on June 25th. After a week run, the show has garnered mixed to positive reviews amongst viewers. Check out Bigg Boss Voting (Online), Missed Call, Nominees, Eliminated housemates details.

The highlight of the show is that viewers are the judges, who play the important part in elimination. Public voting for elimination is live now where viewers can cast their vote to their favorite contestant and make them stay in the show. Here we have explained about Bigg Boss voting and Missed Call in detail. Check it out.

As you all know, Bigg Boss Tamil is a reality TV show where 15 contestants have been locked up in the posh house with all needed amenities but they should live off the grid for 100 days. No mobile phones, laptops, newspapers, television, and literally they will know about the outside world for 100 days. Just think about it.

Here is the list of the 15 contestants and their profile. Going by the show norms, every week, three contestants (housemates) will be nominated for elimination process by the fellow housemates (One will nominate two contestants). Those three nominated contestants will go for public voting and the one who gets lower votes will be expelled from the show.

Bigg Boss has given two options for viewers to vote for their favorite contestants from the nominated list.  Bigg Boss Voting (Online) and Missed Call Voting. If you wish to vote online, then follow these steps.

Bigg Boss Voting

  1. Google ‘Bigg Boss Vote’ or ‘Bigg Boss Voting’.

2. The eviction nominees will be displayed in the search result.

3. Login to your Google account and vote for your favorite contestant.

4. You can select the number of votes you want to cast to a contestant (Up to 50 votes per day).

5. You can also cast votes for all the nominated contestants at a time.

6. Then, click on submit votes.

Online Voting ends on Friday at 11:59 PM.

Missed Call

Viewers can also register their vote by giving a missed call assigned to each of the nominated contestant from their phones. A unique number will be assigned to all of the 15 contestants and viewers will need to call that number from the phone. The call will end after your vote has been registered. You can call up to 50 times a day to register your vote.

Contestant’s unique missed call numbers for voting

Vote for Vaiyapuri, Missed Call Number – 7210122314

Vote for Ganesh Venkatram, Missed Call Number – 7210122304

Vote for Aarav, Missed Call Number – 7210122301

Vote for Snehan, Missed Call Number – 7210122313

Vote for Suja Varunee, Missed Call Number – 7210122317

Vote for Harish Kalyan, Missed Call Number – 7210122318

Vote for Bindu Madhavi, Missed Call Number – 7210122316

Vote for Shakthi, Missed Call Number – 7210122315

Vote for Namitha, Missed Call Number -7210122309

Vote for Harathi, Missed Call Number – 7210122307

Vote for Shree, Missed Call Number – 7210122312

Vote for Bharani Missed Call Number – 7210122303

Vote for Ganja Karuppu Missed Call Number – 7210122305

Vote for Oviya, Missed Call Number – 7210122310

Vote for Juliana, Missed Call Number – 7210122308

Vote for Gayathri Raguram, Missed Call Number – 7210122306

Vote for Raiza Wilson, Missed Call Number – 7210122311

Bigg Boss Tamil Contestants List and Current Status

Week 14 Updates


Title Winner  – Aarav

Mid-Week Eviction – Bindu

Week 13 Eviction

Nominees – Aarav, Bindu, Ganesh, Harish, Suja

Eliminated – Suja

Week 12 Eviction

Nominees: Aarav, Harish, Snehan, Vaiyapuri

Eliminated: Vaiyapuri

Week 11 Eviction

Nominees: Bindu, Ganesh, Harish and Suja

Eliminated: Suja was evicted from the show but she kept in the secret room for a day before she return to the house.

Week 10 Eviction

Nominees: Aarav, Kaajal Pasupathi, Snehan

Eliminated: Kaajal Pasupathi

Wild Card Entries: Shakthi Vasudevan

Week 9 Eviction

Nominees: Snehan, Vaiyapuri and Raiza Wilson

Eliminated: Raiza

Wild Card Entries: Harathi Ganesh, Juliana

Week 8 Eviction

Nominees: Raiza, Gayathri

Elimination: Gayathri

Wild Card Entries: Suja Varunee, Harish Kalyan, Kaajal Pasupathy

Week 7 Eviction

Nominees: Snehan, Aarav, Bindu Madhavi, Ganesh, Gayathri, Vaiyapuri, Shakthi

Elimination: Shakthi Vasudevan

Week 6 Eviction 

Nominees: Oviya, Juliana, Vaiyapuri

Elimination:  Oviya (walked out), Juliana (evicted)

Week 5 Eviction

No Eviction

Week 4 Eviction

Nominees: Oviya, Namitha, Ganesh Venkatram

Elimination: Namitha

Week 3 Eviction 

Nominees: Oviya, Juliana aka Julie, Harathi and Vaiyapuri

Elimination:  Harathi

Week 2 Eviction

Nominees: Bharani, Ganja Karuppu and Oviya

Elimination: Ganja Karuppu

Bigg Boss expelled Bharani from Bigg Boss House for violating the rules. 

Week 1 Eviction

Nominees: Anuya Bhagvat, Juliana and Shree (left out)

Elimination: Anuya Bhagvat

Bigg Boss Rules 

Here is complete list of Bigg Boss Tamil rules and regulations. The reality show airs on Vijay TV from Monday to Friday at 9 PM IST and 8:30 PM IST on weekends. You can also stream online on

1.) The total number of 15 participants, who are also called as ‘Housemates’ will have to live in a purpose build house and are arrested from out world.

2.) The contestant will not allowed to use any devices to know outside world. No Mobile, Television, Internet, Social media and phone calls to others.

3.) The show will conducted for 100 days, 3 Months and more than 30 camera’s being fixed in entire house to monitor all participant activities.

4.) Every week, Housemates will nominate two of other participant for eviction, From that the housemate who receives most number of nomination will have to go for public poll.

5.) The member who got less number of vote from public will be eliminated from contest and send out of house.

6.) In the last week of Big Boss, totally three contestant will be remaining and mega voting poll will be conducted to select the winner.

7.) Unlike Big Brother show, Indian version of Bigg Boss playing mostly with celebrities as contestant, not any general public.


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