Video of Two Male Penguins Fighting for Cheating Lady Penguin Goes Viral

We have seen loads of videos and movies of humans fighting for their lady when other male intercept their relationship. We might come across headlines about illegal relationships between men and women in daily newspapers, and of course, it happens with some other species of the world. Yet, in a new video released by National Geographical Channel, a deadly quarrel when a male penguin returns home and discovers his wife with another penguin fellow!

Indeed, not just you, the whole world of netizens were stunned to see a video demonstrating a rough fight between two male penguins for a female penguin. The battle began when the male penguin caught his better half in the act with another male penguin.

Wife Penguin Cheats her Husband

Everything seems to be good for all penguins but not for this male penguin who returned home after a long time. It saw his wife with another wrecked male penguin and that made it to go for a fight with that penguin to win his wife back. The enraged spouse started a fight with the other penguin, which was truly ruthless as the penguins went for gouging each other’s eyeballs out! Investigate what truly happened:

The video made viral on Twitter with retweets and likes. Unlink other birds, penguin won’t fly, but they use the solid bones in their wings to flap each other just like playing baseball. Both male penguins fight each other and both were injured. They called for the lady penguin to choose the winner, but the lady chose wrecker penguin and moves onto the nest. But, the angry husband penguin gone for another fight, however, it doesn’t help the wounded husband to win back her.

The injured husband penguin had no different alternatives yet to leave his significant other with her new lover and bear the catastrophe alongside all the ridiculous scars he got.

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