Vaiyapuri will be evicted this week on Bigg Boss, Here’s why?

Bigg Boss Tamil: The Bigg Boss reality game show which is being hosted by Kamal Haasan started off with 15 contestants and now there are only 11 contestants at the end of two weeks. Anuya Bhagvath and Ganja Karuppu have been evicted from the show while Shree left out due to medical reasons and Bharani was ejected from the show for violating the game rules.

In the third week of Bigg Boss, four contestants have been nominated for eviction by the inmates – Juliana aka Julie, Harathi, Oviya and Vaiyapuri. So, who will be eliminated this week? Check the facts.

Out of the four possible nominees Juliana, Harathi, Oviya and Vaiyapuri, it is likely Vaiyapuri to be eliminated from the house. The reason is very simple. It’s just a reality show, and, of course, judging Vijay Television based on their past experiences with the reality shows, they know how to sell a product.

Vaiyapuri being the senor most among contestants wasn’t trying or unable to create bonding with inmates and he is a very easy go character. He doesn’t involve in controversies, or creating any big scenes and either having him in the show or eliminating will not have any impact on the show. He is not a celebrity having tens of thousands of fans, and apparently no one sees the show just for him.

Then again, the three nominees Juliana, Harathi and Oviya are the key players in the gambling. If you were a regular watcher of the show, then you’ll know, without them nothing big deals happen in the show. Oviya has been targeted by housemates, who have a great deal of support among people so eliminating her will reduce audience engagement with the show.

Likewise, the conflict between Harathi and Juliana is a known thing to everyone. In the yesterday’s episode, Juliana has pledged that she will do all the things in favor to eliminate Harathi before she walks out of the show. Pulling down either will affect the show. But, people have an intense hatred against Harathi, based on the results of the poll we have been running this week on Twitter. Let’s wait and watch who is getting evicted from Bigg Boss this week.

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