Uriyadi Director Vijay Kumar’s Next Will be Based on Serious Social Issue

Vijay Kumar, the director of critically acclaimed Uriyadi, has spelled beans about his second venture, which will be based on a serious social issue. Though, he didn’t reveal a glimpse of the story, he has almost completed 80% of the script and is everything goes well, it will go on floors sometime in second half of 2017.

“It will be on the lines of Uriyadi. I have finished 80% of the script and will lock the final draft in two months. The film will revolve around three main characters and two of them will drive the story. It will be a serious film and will address an important social issue that every common man faces today,” Vijay Kumar

When asked about whether he will be casting in the movie, he said “I have not approached any actor yet though I have a few choices in mind. If everything goes well, the film should start rolling from the second half of this year.” He will likely play one of the lead roles in the film, though not sure, whether it will be lead one or supporting cast.

Meanwhile, Vijay Kumar has also written a comedy entertainer, which he will not be directing the flick. When asked about that he said, “I finished writing it in just one month. But, I don’t want it to be my second film. Probably, I will be handing over the script to one of my assistants to direct.”

Uriyadi was one of the best movies in 2016, though it failed at the box office, due to lack of promotions and theatre allocations, it was well received by movie lovers, who watched the movie online. It was based on the evolution of caste related political parties in Tamil Nadu. The director is still struggling financially as he produced and released the movie, which didn’t go as expected.