Uma Padmanabhan lashes out Gayathri Raguram and Harathi

The Bigg Boss reality show hosted by filmmaker and actor Kamal Haasan has now became an inevitable source of entertainment for various factions of people for both good and bad reasons. The popularity of the show is clearly evident that people talk about it on various platforms with a faction of people supporting it and others opposing it.

Whatsoever, there have been several controversies and conspiracy theories doing rounds on the internet about the show. We have seen film fraternities sharing their thoughts about the show on social medias in the last two weeks and the latest one to make a bold statement is anchor turned actor Uma Padmanabhan.

She took to twitter and wrote, “The only 2 who r bitching constantly about someone, believe they r d only genuine beings around! Intriguing how human brain is wired#BigBoss.”

So, who are those two contestants bitching constantly about someone on Bigg Boss? We are not sure which of the two contestants she is referring to, but it should be probably Gayathri Raguram and Harathi based on the occurrences of events in the last two weeks.