There are two political gangsters in the Bigg Boss house! Any guesses?

Kamal Haasan’s Bigg Boss is now the trending and most debated topic on social media. The show has created a huge buzz amongst viewers, which opened to mixed reviews. The popularity of the reality show is been raging day by day with unexpected turns and twists.

Bigg Boss has turned out as a hot controversial show and the closer occurrences of events have made the show highly dramatic and intense. And, of course, Star Vijay is basking in the success of the show, becoming the most viewed show among regional TV shows with more than 40 million viewers since it has gone airing.

Meanwhile, Gayathri Raghuram and Harathi had a strong bonding in the initial days on the Bigg Boss, ganged up together and cornered Juliana aka Julie. Ever since the conflict broke out between Julie and Harathi, she has been avoiding them. Actor Sripriya took the issue among the three to twitter and wrote, “There are two political gangsters in the Bigg Boss house! Any guesses?”

In case you do not know, Gayathri is a member of BJP Youth Wing for the state and Harathi belongs to AIADMK. Social media users have ended up with different conspiracy theories that they two targeted Julie intentionally for her involvement in Jallikattu protest which earned her fame and acclaim.

However, Sripriya denied those claims saying she didn’t mean that way and just made it as a casual statement.