TV Serial Actress Saberna Saboo Death: It’s a Suicide or Murder?

When Police arrived at the actor Saberna Saboo’s flat in Maduravoyal, Chennai on Friday, they found that the door wasn’t locked from inside. Sensing that something happened, the police walked through the door and was shocked seeing the dead body of Saberna lying naked on the floor of her bedroom in the pool of blood with her wrist slashed. The body was in a highly decomposed state, which the police recovered and sent to the government hospital for autopsy.

Saberna Saboo aka Sabarna Anand was a popular TV actress who was currently working in serials like Pasamalar on Sun TV and had hosted several reality shows and programs on many channels. A team of police headed by Deputy Commissioner of Police have been investigating the case. They have secured a three-page letter from her home, in which she had expressed about her loneliness, relationship problems, and professional issues, which could suggest it a suicide.

However, it was only her neighbours who informed police after they started smelling a foul smell from her flat. There are several speculations and mystery around Saberna Saboo’s death.

While it is speculated as a suicide, according to reports, there were broken glasses, and things in Saberna Saboo flat, which pictured that something had happened, probably a quarrel between her and someone else. If it was a suicide, there’s no need to be her body to be naked. Police have found Cigarettes, and liquor bottles in her bedroom. Police are investigating the case whether she had been sexually assaulted and killed.

It the reports were to be true, the actor was in high depression for the past couple of months. Her close friends have said that she had drinking habits. Saberna Saboo social profile status and sharing even supports the same. She preferred to stay alone, though her family Anandkumar and Pushpalatha and brother Aneesh were residing in Virugambakkam in Chennai.

The 29-year-old actress was in relationship with her boy friend who were living together, however they were separated recently, which put her in high mentally stress and depression.

The police have recovered the body in decomposed state which practically implies she committed suicide or murdered three or four days prior, at least. If it is to be true, why her family didn’t reach her because it was only her neighbors who informed police.

As per reports, if she was seen living with her boy friend, what happened to him. There are series of question arising in everyone’s mind about her death.

We can expect a clear picture on Saberna Saboo alleged suicide soon. Her alleged suicide comes months after death of popular TV anchor and actor S Sai Prashanth, who reportedly took the extreme step due to loneliness and depression.