Tubelight (Tamil) Review

Tubelight Tamil Review: Tubelight is the latest Tamil quirky comedy flick directed by debutante Indra, tells the story of a person who is suffering from delayed hearing disorder. The film is composed of new faces, with a homely innocent girl Adithi playing opposite new comer Indra, who is also the director and music composer of the film. Pandiyarajan, Praveen, Vinoth also includes the star cast. Bankrolled by Ravi Narayanan for Ostrich Media Productions, Tuibelight is releasing on June 2nd in theatres near you.

Tubelight Tamil Movie Review

Set in modern age, where the protagonist (Indra), is affected by a hearing disorder, who can only hear anything after five seconds, falls in love with a gorgeous homely girl Adithi and how he wins her love despite his issues forms the crux of the story. The makers held a special screening for press people a couple of days ago, and we are absolutely impressed with the concept (something fresh and energetic) and the making as well.

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Pandiyarajan essays a role of a doctor, who is the only person well aware of his problems and the plot revolves around these three characters – an imperfect man, a lovely girl and the crazy doctor. Comedy being the core plot of the film, the director has ensured that every humorous scene evokes laughter among audiences. Indra falls for her at first sight and Pandiyarajan plays the card between the imperfection and love. How he wins her after a hell lot of hurdles takes us to the climax of the film.

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Though it is his first movie, Indra has handled very well giving a seamless flow of sequences right from the start till the end. It’s a light hearted romantic film portrayed better with a good collection of comedies, thriller factors, emotional elements and romantic package, of course. Performance-wise, everyone in the film has delivered their best, especially Pandiyarajan and Indra grabs the spotlight. Background music is so good that blends perfectly with the film.

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Overall, Tubelight is a wholesomeness of entertainment. You’ll definitely have good time watching the movie. Interesting concept & Intriguing screenplay. We recommend the film to our readers.

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