Trisha Twitter Account Hack Conspiracy

Following Pro-Jallikattu activists at Karaikudi during the shoot of Garjanai, Trisha posted a series of tweets on her official Twitter handle slamming them for such activities. One of her tweets read, “Disrespecting a woman and her family is tamil culture?You should be ashamed to call urself a Tamilian or even speak about Tamil culture.

She is a brand ambassador of PETA and that was the reason for Pro-Jallikattu activists to go against her. There have been lots of memes about Trisha started circulated in social media which includes her demise poster as well. It is said she received loads of tweets tagging her that made her furious and finally she reacted to those tweets.

Later on the day, she tweeted, “I’m a Tamilian and I support @peta @PetaIndia cruelty to animals no matter how old the traditions are is no justification. #BanJallikattu.” Within few minutes, exactly 5 minutes later, she tweeted, “This tweet is not posted by me and is absolute rubbish. Believe it or not i am making my stand clear.already complained 2 d authorities.

By going with her tweet, her account was hacked and recovered in just 5 minutes. It would be the world’s fastest recovery ever made in history. If you recall, several brand and personalities Twitter accounts have been hacked in the past, including Facebook cofounder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter and Pinterest accounts, Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s Twitter account and even Twitter cofounder and CEO Jack Dorsey’s Twitter account. It took several minutes for them to recover, given the fact, they are the CEOs of the wrold’s leading technology companies. They have world class engineers and worked along with Twitter to regain their hacked account which took several minutes.

But in this case, she was not a techie freak, and if we are right, it should take 10 minutes at least for her to think what to do next in case her account was hacked. But, it’s very impressive; she recovered her account in 5 minutes and posted a tweet explaining chaos. It appears she seemed afraid to handle the aftermath things and deactivated her account.It’s her democracy to make her stand, but creating things like this is not the right way of expressing ones opinion.

Several individuals say it’s a drama and questioned how come she recovered her Twitter account in 5 minutes?  Logically correct, right?

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