Thondan Review Roundup

Cinema and media are the most powerful platforms that are capable of changing the fate of anything overnight. But in the world of commercialism, everything turned business where these platforms lost their profession ethics. Besides making commercial movies, there are a few directors in Tamil Cinema, who make social centric movies and Samuthirakani is one of them.

This time, he has come up with Thondan (a person who volunteers to service people), another socio-centric drama, starring Vikranth, Sunaina and Samuthirakani himself. Cast also includes Soori, Ganja Karuppu, Thambi Ramaiah, Soundaraaja, Nama Narayanan and others. Justin Prabhakaran’s music, Richard M Nathan’s cinematography and AL Ramesh’s editing have done wonders to the film.

Thondan Story & Review

Samuthirakani’s social consciousness is laudable. Thondan is his 11th film that follows the journey of an ambulance driver (Samuthirakani as Maha Vishnu) and his medical attendant (Vikranth as Vicky). His life gets complicated after a series of unrelated issues with a local politician and how he gets rid of the issues form the crux of the story.

Kani has a hobby of collecting newspaper cuttings of serious social issues and that inspires to make social oriented movies. A lot of scenes in the film were inspired from real-life events taken from newspapers. However, there are fictional elements too, to make the film more engaging and enthralling.

Samuthirakani’s films deal with relationship value, people and their approach towards society. There are plenty of intriguing episodes in line with his style of movie making. We should appreciate director for the selection of artists. Everyone’s performances were praiseworthy. Vikranth has to choose story centric movies and Tamil Cinema is yet to explore his full potential. He is such a talented and versatile actor. Background music adds value to the film. The downside of the film is a slow paced screenplay at certain times but overall it’s worth a try.

Thondan is a film with social message, hard-hitting dialogues, and intriguing realistic episodes. Don’t miss it.