The Untold Story of Jayalalithaa, MGR Love-Hate Affair

Jayalalithaa Jayaraman, who was unmarried till her last breath, passed away on December 5, 2016 at Apollo hospitals, after her 75 days long battle with illness and confederacy. She will always be in the hearts of millions of poor people, especially women for whom she had done several things through here innovative schemes. It was Jayalalithaa, the youngest Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, lead her entire life for the development of women.

Jayalalithaa young ageWhile there were several controversies doing rounds on the internet about her love affair with MGR, she has never been married to the actor and then Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. She desperately loved MGR will all her life and at the same time hate him for abandoning her.

Jayalalithaa once said, “My early years were dominated by my mother. Later, it was MGR. I did not have a life of my own under their shadow.” In fact, it was so true, she didn’t have her life to the fullest, and even her last wish was neglected by Sasikala and Co. After MGR, Jaya believed and had more than friendly relationship with Sasikala, but her fate followed till the end, she was betrayed by her own friend. At one point of time, Jaya lived away from her shadow however Sasikala didn’t let that happen.

Jaylalitha and mgr

MGR insisted Jayalalithaa to get into acting and they had beautiful chemistry on-screen as well as off-screen. They were the most celebrated celebrities in the 60s. MGR used call Jayalalithaa as ‘AMMU’ , her nick name, though she was 31 years younger than MGR, she always wanted him to marry and live a peaceful life. MGR was everything to Jaya, a virtuous mentor to her, yet MGR wanted her to accompany him and he cared for her despite controversies from several quarters.

Jayalalithaa planned her marriage several times but MGR always backed out,Vasanthi writes in Jayalalithaa’s biography titled ‘Amma’. Her greatest ambition in life was to live with the man she loved, Vasanthi adds.

Jayalalithaa MGR Love RelationshipThey were in intimate relationship until 1970, and after that they parted ways. It was almost a decade they were separated. Jaya was left alone, who was accompanied by then Telugu Matinee Idol Sobhan Babu.MGR begun acting with other young heroines in the industry leaving her behind which made her to become close with Sobhan Babu. Although her intention was not to love him, Jaya fell to him, and there were rumors they were married and having a daughter. She decided to marry Sobhan Babu and have a peaceful life, but MGR intervened at the last moment and thwarted her plans.

jayalalithaa shoban babu marriage relationshipIn the meantime, MGR parted from DMK and created AIADMK and became the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu in 1977. In early 1980, MGR asked Jayalalithaa to join the party. MGR wanted to use Jaya’s popularity to take on his bitter rival M Karunanidhi, who betrayed him. Jaya refused his obligation and was criticized for ignoring the party leadership.

During that time, Jayalalithaa autobiography was published in a weekly Tamil magazine. She joined the party in 1981. MGR put an end to the serialized publication of her autobiography and that parted them again. The rift between her and MGR was so intense that she didn’t aware of MGR’s decision to go to the US for kidney transplantation.

MGR at Apollo hospitalsWhen MGR was admitted to Apollo Hospital in Chennai, she was never allowed to meet him. She even wrote to the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi to let her meet MGR. Everything went in vain. Jaya was kept away from MGR for all her life, and was never allowed to meet him when she went to receive MGR at the airport.

In a course of time, Jayalalithaa lost all her positions within the party. In 1986, the party was about split into two factions, called Jayalalithaa Peravai. She was accused for the caucaus, though she denied that she never aware of it. Jaya met with then Prime Minister of Tamil Nadu Rajiv Gandhi and told that she has more supports than MGR in the party.

Jayalalithaa peravaiMGR learned everything and could not afford Jaya forming a new party. He was left with no option other than reappointing her to all the posts that she held earlier. When MGR passed Away in 1987, Jaya was never allowed inside the Apollo hospitals and was abused by party leader at the final rituals of MGR.

Jayalalithaa once said, “My early years were dominated by my mother. Later, it was MGR. I did not have a life of my own under their shadow.” In fact, it was so true, she didn’t have her life to the fullest. Jayalalithaa had been controlled by someone in her entire life.  She was controlled by her mother, who pushed her to acting, but her ambition was to become a lawyer like his father. After her mother’s death, she was controlled and dictated by MGR. She was controlled to the extent that MGR fixed and received her remuneration, and the way she should dress. Jaya had to rely on MGR for everything, even money.

All Jayalalithaa wanted was to legalize her affair with MGR and pull off the rumours that concealed her life. Jayalalithaa loved MGR to the every extent of her life and hated as well for abandoning her. She lost hope on men, as every man in her life failed her, including her father, MGR and Sobhan Babu. Thus she developed distrust of almost everyone. Jaya remained unmarried till her death.

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